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Australian Glow Pack

This summer, beat the heat with our 3 star products, including our limited edition Australian Pink Clay Mask. This carefully curated pack is your power shield to protect against the impact of hot & humid weather, to de-tan and brighten your complexion.
Incorporate these 3 skincare essentials into your existing skin care routine to upgrade your skincare.

Australian Pink Clay Mask:
This limited edition cooling and de-tanning mask is a powerful tool against this hot and humid weather. You will see the immense brightening impact with the very first application.
How to use:
1. Apply a thin layer all over your face, avoiding the eyes and lip area.
2. Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes.
3. Rinse thoroughly and apply your preferred day cream.
Use it after a long day out in the heat or summer to instantly cool overheated skin and to remove that tan you got during long hours in the sun.

Advanced Glow Cream:
Our highly sought-after glow cream is full of the most powerful brightening agents to help with heat-related problems like hyperpigmentation, open pores, and uneven skin texture.
How to use:
1. Use in place of your regular moisturizer every night, covering your face and neck.
Apply it to your hands and the areas that are usually exposed to sun light during the day to get that even-toned skin all over.

Nourishing Face Wash:
Every morning and night, start your skin care routine with our nourishing face wash, to remove all impurities and brighten your complexion.
How to use:
1. Use a dime size on the wet face.
2. Gently lather your hands.
3. Rinse thoroughly, and then apply the moisturizer of your choice.


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