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Because for
"All Skin Types"
isn't our type.

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Because for "All Skin Types" isn't our type.

What is
melanin-rich skin?

Melanin is a naturally produced pigment that exists in all skin. Your level of melanin determines your skin color. The more melanin your skin produces, the darker your skin. 

We identified your unique, skincare needs. 

Melanin-rich skin has more layers than lighter skin photo-types. This means, for effective hydration, you need skincare formulations that can penetrate deeper into your skin. Melanin-rich skin responds to aggression by producing excess sebum and melanin. That is one of the most common causes of hyperpigmentation in South Asian skin, it scars easily. 

What we've added to help
solve those concerns:

Licorice root extract
Vitamin C
Chinaberry Leaf extract
Turmeric extract

Our Journey

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Arvelon is built on a strong foundation of values, which are reflected in everything we do, from products and service to communication and operations:

Devotion to Customers

We place the customer at the core of all we do. Our product formulations address common concerns of Pakistani customers: Glow, Clarifying, Nourishing & Revitalizing. 

We're Honest.

We take our clichés quite seriously. We take pride in being transparent about our ingredients and how they nourish the skin for that natural and healthy glow.

Power to the Team.

We believe in the value of fraternity and that our goal to empower our customers can only be achieved in an environment that empowers our team and ensures that they feel appreciated and valued.

And then there's Passion.

All in life is trivial without passion. Philosophy 101 aside, we think passion is an absolute requisite and pursue an uncompromising focus on excellence by constantly improving ourselves and our products.

Our Product Development Process

Step 1

We speak to our customers directly & develop a clear understanding of their needs.

Step 2

We focus on the ingredients: How is the data situation? Do reliable efficacy studies/tests exist? Has enough research been conducted?

Step 3

 A first draft of ingredients is deduced, and the ingredients are independently reviewed for comedogenicity, irritability, safety & toxicology.

Step 4

Our first sample is created from three different partner laboratories and/or professional formulators, and a minimum of 20 volunteers are selected for product testing. 

Step 5

Results are carefully reviewed and 2nd draft is created accordingly. Volunteer testing is conducted for the 2nd draft with a different set of volunteers. 

Step 6

Our new, improved 3rd draft is reviewed and another volunteer testing session is conducted. Often this formulation is approved and the formulation is finalized.

Step 7

After the formulation is finalized, it undergoes several stability tests, stress tests of preservatives and epicutaneous tests. Testing lasts for 2-3 months and the most important one being, the compatibility test. 

Step 8

If the product passes all tests, it is moved to production. Only GMP certified factories are selected.

Step 9

After production, only if the quality tests in the laboratories are completed, and all parameters (sensors, viscosity, pH-value, density, etc.) meet the requirements, the product is filled up in large, sterile containers. 

Safe Ingredients

Almost all of us want the same thing- effective skincare made with ingredients that are safe. That's why we think it's important to show you exactly where we stand when it comes to ingredients. We use proven skin-enhancing actives and avoid all known toxins, questionable chemicals, and ingredients that are irritating to sensitive skin.

Arvelon defines clean with 3 principals:
1- Learn constantly
2- Source responsibly
3- Share transparently

What we vow to never use:
Steroids, Bleach, Mercury, Animal by-products.