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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Products

Arvelon carefully chooses the finest materials used in our products from various parts of the world, developed in partnership with several globally renowned laboratories. These products are exclusive and propriety to Arvelon. For more information about a specific product, please contact us.

Our products are safe and developed especially for the South Asian skin. We have excellent feedback from our customers, many of whom have been buying from us for years. However, all skin types are different and some products may not suit you specifically. Therefore, as good practice for using any new skin care product, we recommend using the product on a patch of your neck first to see if there is any reaction.

There are many harmful products in the market, which promise quick results but pose great threat to your skin health. At Arvelon, we believe healthy and natural is beautiful. While our products have proven to deliver results, natural products take a longer time to show effectiveness, compared to harmful chemicals and you can expect to see results from within 7 days of regular use, which gradually improve.

Our products help clients get rid of acne, uneven skin-tone and our anti-aging products can revitalise your appearance. However, these are not medicinal products. For severely damaged skin, we recommend consulting with a doctor.

Our Glow & Fairness products can be used if your skin is oily. However, if your skin has acne, we recommend not using our Glow & Fairness products as it could further aggravate the condition.

All our products use safe and effective ingredients and have been clinically tested. However, as a general practice for any skin care product, which you have not used before, it is best to apply a small patch on the neck to see if there is an unlikely reaction

Our products are designed to keep your skin well-nourished and taken care of. We always recommend that our customers should take constant care of their skin. If our products can help you keep your skin glowing and fresh, you are welcome to use it as long as you want. Depending on your skin type and daily routine, your skin may or may not need continuous use of our products.

Our products are long lasting but as they spend many days in international shipping, warehousing etc., we generally recommend shelving them for no more than 12 months from your date of purchase. Some products may require special care and storage protocol. Please refer to the product page for more specific information.

Our Cleansers bottles have an inbuilt pusher at the bottom. So you don't need a straw, just use as you normally would and the material would be pushed up like any other bottle.

Purchasing from Arvelon

You can add products to cart on our website, contact us on Facebook, or drop us a message over WhatsApp. We’ll just need your Name, Phone # and Delivery Address and one of our Customer Care Representatives will confirm your order.

For now, we are offering Cash on Delivery all over Pakistan. But we are working on introducing popular mobile banking channels for ease of payments. Let us know if you have a preference.

There is zero risk for you. If you find a product missing in the package delivered and you’ve already paid for it, we will ship you the remaining products ASAP. Just let us know.

That’s conditional to Kashmir ki Azadi. Sorry.

However, check out our product bundles which are already discounted packs. We also provide FREE SHIPPING on orders over Rs. 1599

Sorry. For now, we only deliver in Pakistan.

Shipping Information

Your order will arrive via courier. You have to pay the cost when you take possession of the package from courier.

We have shipments going out on all working days. Any order confirmed by 5PM will be dispatched the same day. Weekend orders go out on Monday.

Your order should reach you within 1 to 3 working days, depending on your location. Make sure your address is clear and your phone is on.

Of course. Ask us to share the tracking code with you and we’ll send it right over via email, WhatsApp (0321 2800067) or Facebook Messenger.

A flat delivery rate of Rs. 189 applies to all regular orders.

However, Arvelon offers FREE DELIVERY to all parts of Pakistan on orders of Rs. 2099 or more.

Make Money with Arvelon

There are 2 ways you can benefit from Arvelon professionally. Check for any vacancies on LinkedIn for employment or internships, OR be our freelance representative in the field as part of Team Arvelon.

As part of Team Arvelon you represent us in your local communities and social circles. You will promote Arvelon’s products and provide all information about their use to anyone who is interested in purchasing. Once you collect the orders and forward them to us, we will fulfill the orders and give you a commission.

You can drop us an email or message us on WhatsApp(0321 2800067) or Facebook. We’ll share the details with you.