FREE DELIVERY on All Orders over Rs. 2099

Returns/Exchange Policy


In case you changed your mind about your purchase after receiving it, Arvelon will accept its return through the issuance of a Voucher of the same amount, which can be claimed for another purchase.

Returns are not accepted for a refund. 

The customer will have to post the products themselves and bear the shipping cost.

You can return an item as long as its returned in its original packing i.e. the shrink-wrapping is fully intact. All you have to do is fill up a simple form to request a return. Once the form is submitted, our customer care team will get in touch to confirm the return.

We suggest using the same box you received your items in. If that is not possible, it is required that you resend in a cardboard box (to avoid damage) as Arvelon will not be able to accept damaged items.

    To submit your Returns/Exchange Request, please click HERE and fill out the form.