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Find Your Glow With Arvelon's Pink Clay Mask

June 18, 2022

Find Your Glow With Arvelon's Pink Clay Mask

When you want to say goodbye to dull, dry, or congested skin, it's time to wave hello to Arvelon’s Australian Pink Clay Mask. This ultra-gentle yet highly effective, mineral-rich, pink clay blend has achieved cult beauty status - a cute pink face mask that pops up on Instagram feeds and is raved about.

But what exactly is this ingredient that made us tickle pink? From a lighter complexion in 10 minutes to less breakouts and tighter pores, we've put together six amazing benefits of our limited edition Pink Clay Mask.

1. Glowing, bright skin

Do not feel stressed if your skin becomes dull, dry or dehydrated due to pollution, everyday makeup or strolls in the sun. Packed with Rose Extract, Pomegranate Extract and Aloe Vera, a great pink clay mask (like the OG Arvelon’s Pink Clay Mask) can brighten even the dullest complexion and quickly restore it to its natural glow.

Pink Clay not only removes the bad stuff, but also gently sloughs away dead skin cells and nourishes the skin from the inside. The mineral-rich pink clay mask adds silica into the skin, which is known to promote cell regeneration and collagen production, resulting in fresh, youthful and brighter skin.

2. Detoxified complexion

Cigarette smoke, smog, pollutants…unless you're lucky to live on a pristine mountaintop, most of us face air pollution every day. And unfortunately, this manifests itself in the form of acne, pigmented spots, dullness, and long-term sagging skin and wrinkles on our faces. So, isn’t it lucky then that our hero Australian Pink Clay Mask is here to save the day? Pink clay, which contains the purifying minerals kaolinite and calcite, acts as a powerful magnet that fights pollution and promotes healthy, happy and detoxified skin!

3. Purifying Pores and Reducing Oiliness

Pink Clay removes dirt, impurities and excess oil from deep inside the skin, preventing clogging that causes breakouts, blemishes and open pores. A must for any oily or combination complexion, a pink clay mask is instantly mattifying – mopping up surface oil and eliminating unwanted shine.

4. Breakout Decrease

If a breakout is bothering you, Pink Clay is your new best friend. Arvelon’s Pink Clay Mask deeply detoxifies the skin and balances sebum to unclog pores and prevent future rashes. Pink clay with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties also helps to soothe the skin and remove existing wounds faster. Is there anything to dislike?

Well, nothing at all, but our advice (if breakouts are expected) is not to use a pink clay mask the day before a big event. Because they are powerful enough to pull out annoying acne overnight. Known as skin cleansing, this is actually a very good thing. It significantly shortens the life of acne and speeds up the healing process. However, if it gets dirty, it is advisable to cover it well 2-3 days or more before a special occasion to avoid uninvited guests.

5. Smoother skin

Bumpy, congested, uneven skin is probably not at the top of your wish list. However, it can easily occur if you are less religious when it comes to skipping scrubs or removing the last traces of makeup.

But don’t fret - we're here to help, not judge. Deep cleansing and detoxifying pink clay masks will help you break your bad habits. Giving the skin an ultra-deep, extra-thorough cleanse, they help prevent congestion, eradicate bumps and promote a smooth, soft, even complexion.

6. Suits all skin types

Not all clay masks are created equal, and some can be drying or even irritating. Another reason pink clay masks are so beloved is that they play so very nicely with so many skin types – including dry, sensitive, oily and spot-prone.

Super-gentle pink clay packs brightening and detoxifying properties without stripping the natural oils of the skin. It is suitable not only for already dry skin, but also for normal oily skin and sensitive skin. However, we always recommend that you do a patch test first.

Meet Your Skin's Best Friend Featuring the goodness of Pink Clay, Arvelon’s Pink Clay Mask is the best gift you could give to your skin. We've added the best, removed the toxic. Pink clay will soothe and comfort the skin while also infusing the skin with minerals and incredible antioxidants, making the Arvelon’s Pink Clay Mask a must-have for year-round skin pampering!