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Summer Skincare Essentials With Arvelon

May 20, 2022

arvelon summer skincare essentials

While summer is the season of short sleeves, refreshing mojitos, al fresco dining, backyard barbecues, ice cream cones, and pool parties - it is also the season of sweat and extreme humidity. 

Let's face it. Summer and skin are enemies. Dripping sweat, enlarged pores, oily skin, sunburns, and dullness are all accurate adjectives to describe summer skin. Have you splurged on products that promised to be skin-friendly during the summer but all in vain? Have you tried and tested all those skincare hacks with barely any results to show? Well, don’t give up just yet.

At Arvelon, we understand the skin concerns of Pakistani men and women and have carefully formulated products that target the skincare needs in the best way possible. Here are some of our top picks for summer skin, just for you! 

Summer Skin Care Essentials 

Wash Away That Oil With a Gentle Cleanser

The start of every skincare routine, the cleanser is an important part of daily skincare. Summer skin is oftentimes oily, greasy, and clogged. The Clarifying Oil-Free Cleanser is a non-comedogenic formula that works to regulate oily, congested skin and melts away the dead skin. With plant-powered goodness such as Soybean Extract, it helps soothe and restore the skin, thanks to its potent antioxidant properties. Candidum Extract helps in minimizing pores and balances the pH levels of the skin, leaving it soft, refreshed, and glowing!

Scrub That Grime Away

Brightening Scrub is a standout product for summer skin. Infused with microspheres of natural walnut shells, this scrub sloughs away dead skin while the Willow Bark Extract helps the skin look bright and clear. Summer skin is easily inflamed if mistreated which is why Jojoba Oil in this scrub helps in adding moisture to the skin along with Vitamin E and B-complex that fight wrinkles, dark spots, and other signs of aging. 

Invest In a Good Clay Mask

Summer tends to take a toll on the skin leaving it with blemishes and acne scars. But you don't have to suffer that way! Arvelon’s Clarifying Clay Mask is a bi-weekly treatment for the skin with Kaolin Clay that helps in absorbing excess oil, tackles congested pores, and leaves the skin looking clear and radiant. Breaking out is off the table, thanks to the natural earth clays which are infused with botanical goodness to keep your skin looking the best. 

Don't Skip the Moisturizer 

While applying moisturizer to already oily skin might not sit well with you, summer skin needs hydration too! However, the secret to using moisturizer during the summers is to opt for lightweight formulas that quell a pimple rebellion and deliver balanced moisture to the skin. Clarifying Creme is formulated with AHAs that target congested pores and fight the spread of bacteria with the shielding power of Chinaberry Leaf Extract. It is also great for dissolving dead skin with the help of Glycolic Acid to reveal smoother and even-looking skin. 

The Takeaway

Summers tend to take a great toll on the skin. With hot and humid weather, the skin produces excess oil, breaks out, leaves blemishes, and downgrades massively. However, you can stop that from happening by using the right products that are formulated to target skin concerns effectively and look out for a brand that puts your skin health first. At Arvelon, we understand the skin troubles of summer skin and have formulated these products just for you. Are you ready to give your skin the much-needed pampering that it deserves?